Robert Malone Reveals Who Controls The World & The Truth on Free Speech

In this exclusive interview with controversial cancelled scientist Robert Malone he reveals who controls the world.

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0:00 Who Controls The World
09:04 A World Global Government
17:21 The Great Reset
26:43 Bill Gates Exposed
37:11 Being Banned & Cancelled
45:38 The New World of Decentralization
58:06 Big Pharma Exposed
1:04:38 Bill Gates, a New Depression & The Biggest Cover up

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The world is on the edge of a revolution. Wealth, power & information are being disrupted.
Mainstream media is dying. Your freedom is being challenged. Your money is being debased.

The unrest is palpable. #Disruptors & Rob Moore asks the questions others dare not to ask. Disruptive & diverse guests speak out on topical world issues & their areas of success & influence.

Having evolved from the Disruptive Entrepreneur, the focus started with entrepreneurs, billionaires; business & money related interviews & solo Rob’s Rants. As there world has changed, Disruptors has evolved to diverse, global movers, shakers & change makers who stand out & speak up.

Unscripted. Unedited. Unfiltered.

Education, inspiration & a fight for freedom.
If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything


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