Runpreneur Challenge Launch Date Set | Running Philanthropy

Welcome to the Runpreneur Vlog #326! A place where Kevin Brittain discusses all things business and how running can help relieve the stress of being an entrepreneur.

Runpreneur Challenge Launch Date Set | Running Philanthropy

The Runpreneur challenge, whilst it is up and running and Kevin has been running every day whilst vlogging for almost a year, it is set to officially launch during the second week of May.
The date has been moved back slightly due to the marketing team’s workload on the other businesses also, and it’s super important to Kevin to not allow his team to be overwhelmed.
Watch the full episode for details on the launch and how Kevin intends to raise £1 million for children’s charities.
Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be following Kevin on this epic journey?👇 

00:09 Runpreneur’s Ultimate Mission
01:49 Our Podcast, Blog and Website
02:26 The Social Media Academy Launch
03:27 How can we raise such a staggering amount?
05:52 Donate A Pound A Month
08:34 From 5K to 7K A Day
09:40 Goal: Finishing The Challenge On My 50th
13:02 Equally Shared Between 6 Childrens’ Charities
13:55 Run With Me And Be Part Of A Vlog Episode
14:32 Going For More World Records
17:18 What The Runpreneur Talks About

This video is part of our series on the subject of Raise to a £1,000,000 Challenge Updates.
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What is the Runpreneur Vlog all about?

Kevin Brittain is a serial entrepreneur, property investor, property educator, business mentor, devoted family man, keen runner and now a vlogger. Kevin challenged himself to run every day for a year and while doing so, document his journey through the Runpreneur Vlog where he publishes new videos daily. 

Choosing to be an entrepreneur or business owner, rather than holding a corporate job, can be a highly rewarding life choice. It can also be a stressful experience, with huge workloads and not enough time to complete every task on your to do list. This is where running comes in! Kevin has first-hand experience of this entrepreneurial journey and using running as a relief mechanism when things become overwhelming. Kevin is aiming to use the YouTube platform and Runpreneur Vlog to share the wealth of knowledge and experience that he has built up over his entrepreneurial journey.

Alongside documenting Kevin’s own running and business journey, the vlog is a place for Kevin to share educational content with the Runpreneur community. This includes content for aspiring entrepreneurs on business systems, outsourcing and marketing. Kevin also covers topics such as running tips and maintaining a work life balance – what the Runpreneur Vlog is all about!

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