Sacramento County ordinance could limit homeless encampments

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will discuss this week a potential ordinance that could impact those experiencing homelessness. At its meeting Tuesday, the board is scheduled to talk about a framework for a proposed ordinance that would prohibit camping and encampments on certain public property locations. According to county documents, those priority areas include: “critical infrastructure” locations, overnight homeless shelters such as Safe Stay communities, and wildfire and flood risk areas during inclement weather. As far as what falls under “critical infrastructure,” county documents define it as a place so, “vital or integral to the operation or functioning of the county, that its damage or destruction would have a debilitating impact.” KCRA 3 spoke with Don Nottoli, the chair of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, who said that could include levees, bridges, sewer mains and other county-operated sites.

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