Sacramento mayor responds to weekend protest, vandalism at his home

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Sacramento police are trying to find the protestors who vandalized Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s home Saturday evening.

The mayor’s office released photos Monday of several thousand dollars in damage caused by a small group of protestors who were angry at Steinberg’s handling of the city’s homeless situation. 

“This is not acceptable,” said City Councilmember Jay Schenirer. “Causing damage, calling for his children to come outside. Those are the things that are so far over the line. It’s very sad.”

Protestors blame Steinberg for not opening up warming shelters in time for the last storm even though he led an effort to open them early. 

The storm led to the deaths of six people, according to homeless advocates.

The day before the attack on his home, homeless advocates demonstrated peacefully at City Hall. 

In the summer of 2020, hundreds of demonstrators held a die-in protest at Steinberg’s Pocket-Greenhaven home during the George Floyd unrest but there was no vandalism aimed at him. 

Steinberg was defiant after the attack on his home which involved rocks being thrown and chants calling for his kids to come outside. 

In regard to the attacks on his home, Steinberg released the following statement:

I do not expect everyone to agree with me. 

The people of Sacramento have elected me nine times over 25 years. I understand and embrace that people will disagree with me with passion. I understood when I ran for mayor that some people would be angry with me. 

What happened Saturday night was not protest. They involved my family. My family did not get elected. I did. They damaged my home and destroyed a cherished homemade piece of art. They threw rocks at my front door. They shouted my kids’ names over and over. 

Many of these masked people are not from Sacramento. They came to harm our community. 

This was not protest. This was anarchy.  You want to challenge me, challenge me at City Hall. Challenge me in the community. Challenge me at the ballot box. 

Violence and destruction has never been and never will be acceptable. By attacking my home, you attack my community. You will be held accountable for your actions. 

I am not backing down. I am more committed than ever to the city I love. I am never giving up on my life’s work to fight for the least among us. 


Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg

The mayor’s supporters said two police officers where in the home with the Steinberg and his wife at the time, and 80 officers eventually responded but no arrests were made. 

Steinberg’s staff hinted that there may have to be different safety protocols when it comes to protecting the mayor.

“We’re always trying not to escalate,” Schenirer said. “Once violence starts, once people start picking up rocks and throwing them at the house, that’s when it has to stop,” Schenirer said

It’s not certain if demonstrators will now be kept well clear of the mayor’s house or if that means more officers assigned to the mayor’s protections. 

The mayor’s supporters are asking citizens to speak out against the attack on the mayor’s home. 

“That we as a community rally to say this is unacceptable for Sacramento, this is not who we are,” said Mary Lynne Vellinga, Steinberg’s communications director.

Steinberg said the attack was from out-of-town agitators, although local homeless groups are mounting a recall effort against him for his homeless policies. 

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