Sacrificing for the Poor – 3/31/17

For Haiti’s poor and hungry children, food and education mean a chance for a better life. To help Love A Child provide food for the poor and save the lives of Haiti’s children in poverty visit today.

Love A Child and its founders, Christian missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette, visit the poor in the area of La Hatte, Haiti for the first time, bringing nutritious food and the Gospel to those in need.

In this program, may your heart be touched by the stories of malnourished children who, with your help, received the food they needed to recover and grow strong. Meet Pistache, a severely malnourished 15-year-old with a bloated stomach who Sherry and Bobby discovered in a very poor village. After the Burnette’s took him in and cared for him, feeding him nutrient-filled food daily, his health radically improved and today he is so thankful to God for those who blessed him with a new life. Mackenson is another little boy with kwashiorkor malnutrition who we found at a Mobile Medical Clinic in the mountains. But now, because of Love A Child partners, he is a happy, smart, healthy boy in 4th grade at a Love A Child school. And hear Erika’s story of rescue and recovery.

We want to continue reaching out to Haiti’s poorest of the poor with food and love, no matter where they may live. If God is moving your heart to give, please help us feed the hungry children.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. May God bless you!

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