As youth, we have the responsibility to make a change for the betterment of the next generation. This advocacy serves as pilot advocacy for us civil engineering students to make a change by donating your bottles and those bottles are cut plastics. These bottles will be used as an eco-brick for future projects and advocacy related to our course. Furthermore, plastics and bottles take up a hundred years to decompose and can harm the environment, and can lead to many environmental issues such as flooding. We are advocating, “Botelya mo, Bahay ko”, these eco-bricks will be donated to the families who are affected by the flood this will be hopefully in partnership with some academic organizations and non-governmental organizations in the Zamboanga Peninsula. The outcome of this project is that the eco-bricks will be used to build their houses or beautification in their area.

We are BSCE 1C of Western Mindanao State University and we nominate faculty of NSTP-CWTS, BSN 1E, and BSCE 1A to do the bottle challenge

#botelyaMObahayKO #bottlechallenge

Head Initiative of the project: Lorella Marie Fabriga
Caption: Gift Cyrl Silabay
Edited by: Christian Jie Prato
Members: BSCE 1C


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