SDN Navarathri series 2021 -Varnam "Ganan isaithu' by 7 dancers from SDN Octet -Sridevi Nrithyalaya

SDN Navarathri series 2021
Releasing a beautiful and melodious Varnam which was performed by 7 dancers from SDN Octet in SDN’s SABHA September 2021.

0:00 Introduction by Kameshweri Ganesan in Tamil
1:49 Brief synopsis in English
02:40 Harinipriya
13:30 Vishwashree S. S.
21:34 Sai Smriti Suresh
27:00 Krithika Krishna
29:45 Jayashri A. G.
33:50 Sahana Dinesh
36:15 Nishkala Ranjeev


Varnam is the introductory piece in Carnatic music concerts and the central piece in a Bharathanatyam repertoire usually performed for about 30 mins to upto even an hour, exhibiting the artistic expertise of a performer.

Varnam is considered as the most challenging number which synchronises the 3 elements of dance – Nritta (rhythmic body movements), Nritya (Nritta combined with emotions) and Natya (theatrical aspects) with the 3 elements of music – Bhāva (emotion), Rāga (tune) and Tāla (rhythm).

A dancer is expected to be well versed with the Adavus (limb movements) that are set to the rhythmic measures and Abhinaya (physical and psychological expressions) that suit the meaning of the Varnam. Varnams are of three kinds, 1. Tāna Varnam, 2. Pada Varnam, and 3. Daru Varnam.

This Varnam is a Pada Varnam with Shringāra Bhakti (displaying devotion to the Lord through love) as its predominant mood. Varnam with Shringāra or Shringāra Bhakti as the predominant Bhāva, mostly depicts the changing hues of love for a God/ hero.

“O Kannā! I am yearning for you and thinking about you day and night. Have you lost yourself in the mellifluous music of your flute or have you gone away or are you feeling tired after your heroic deeds? Give me one reason for forgetting me or let me know when you will be coming to me.

You are the Supreme Lord and please let me reach your feet and surrender to you. O Madhavā, Māyavā, Kannā, Parandhamā! Come dancing joyfully to me at once!

The young love-lorn Nāyikā depicted in this Varnam, is one who has been attracted to Krishna right from her childhood and eternally experiences His magical love.

Pada Varnam in Rāgamālika and Ādi tālam, a composition of Madurai Sri R. Muralidaran


gAnam isaittu ninrAyO Enai maranda kAraNam onru sollAyO – kaNNA kuzhalil

Have you lost yourself playing music from your flute? Will you give me (atleast) one reason for having forgotten me?

mAnam kAkkavE senrAyO oru murai mAmugam kATTi selvAyO – maNivaNNA

Did you (leave me) go to save (Draupati’s) honour? Will you, atleast once reveal your lovely face and go, O Emerald Hued One?


dAnam kETkavE senrAyO – uDan vara tAmadam innum seivAyO – kaNNa marandu

Did you go to ask for charity (from Karna)?
Did you forget and delay to come back (to me)?

nIlam niRai vaNNa mEniyanE inimEl nI varum vELai solvAyO – karuNai koNDu

O Blue Hued One! Henceforth, will you be compassionate to tell me your time (to come to me)?

muktAyi swara sAhityam

kALingan mIdinil nal naTanam Seidu vadam purindAyO – kamsanai venru
kaLaittanayO mAmalai karam tukkiyE ennaiyum marandanaiyO kaNNA

Are you tired after having danced on the snake, Kālinga to vanquish him and defeating Kamsa? After lifting the huge mountain (Mount Govardhana), did you forget me, O Kannā?

caraNa sAhityam

Anandam koNDu naTanamADi varuvAyE gOpiyargal sUzhndiDavE

Come to me dancing joyfully, surrounded by the milkmaids.

caraNa swara sAhityam 1

gItai uRaittu nalla pAdai vagutta mAdhavA
O Mādhavā! You expounded the (Bhagavad) Geeta and devised the right path.

caraNa swara sAhityam 2

mADam tOrum oLi mA maNi dIpamum mAyan undan vazhi mAndargaL nADavE
mAnasIkamAi mAyam SeiyyAmal mAdenai tEDiyE mAlaiyiDa varuvAi

Having lit the front yards of the houses with bright lamps, young women look out for you, O Prankster! Please come and marry me without playing your tricks on me.

caraNa swara sAhityam 3

sAhasam nI seivad(u)enna kaNNA kAraNam indriyE karuNai seiyyAmal
mA mugam kATTavum manam irangavum nAn pAyiram pADinEn pagal iravAga
tAmadamindriyE tavittiDum pEdaikku nI manam negizhndu varam taruvAyE
sAgaram mIdinil pAmbaNaiyin mEl paLLi koNDa parandAmA padam nADa

Why do you play your pranks on me? You are inconsiderate for no reason. I sing in your praise, day and night, to see you and gain your compassion. Pity this innocent woman and please bless me without further delay. O Parandamā, who reclines on the serpent Ādisesha in the milky ocean! I seek to reach to your feet!

Choreography & Nattuvangam Dr. Sheela Unnikrishnan
Vocal – Sri Srikanth Gopalakrishnan
Mridangam – Dr. Guru Bharadwaaj
Veena – Kumari Anjani Srinivas
Flute – Sri Sruthi Sagar

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