Self Care Ideas for Busy Women


Updated March 2022

Get these self-care ideas for busy women to manage stress and get rid of feeling overwhelmed.

Having a self-care plan is an important element in caring for your family.

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We nourish our families with ourselves. If you are feeling empty, anxious, and stressed that is what you are giving your family and the other people around you.


Care enough about your family to take care of yourself. In the first post in this series I reminded you that we are like an infusion pitcher, what we fill ourselves with is what we give out to our family, friends and work.  You can read more about that in 5 Steps to Work Life Balance.

Here are some ideas:

Exercise releases good endorphins, which reduces anxiety and irritability. It also improves your mood and releases tension that contributes to the aches and pains you feel in your body.

  1. Walk in the woods
  2. Ride bike
  3. Roller Blade
  4. Dance around the house
  5. Play a dancing video game 
  6. Ariel Arts
  7. Zumba
  8. Yoga–here are some great videos
  9. Run/jog, try signing up for a 5k and train with a friend
  10. Elliptical
  11. Exercise ball
  12. Treadmill
  13. Walking video, if it is too cold outside
  14. Snowshoe
  15. X-country ski
  16. Try a yoga swing
  17. Hike at a state park
  18. Canoe
  19. Kayak
  20. Pilates

woman walking for self care


When you calm your mind you also relax your body, which makes everything feel more doable.

  1. Focus on your breath
  2. Close your eyes and imagine you are in your favorite peaceful place
  3. Take a nap
  4. Take a hot bath
  5. Journal 

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A healthy support system goes a long way towards making the burdens of life lighter.  Friends multiply our joys and divide our sorrows.

  1. Call a friend
  2. Schedule time for coffee, appetizers or a walk with a friend
  3. Join a book club, bowling team, softball team or any other group that is fun for you
  4. Swap a meal with a friend, you make dinner for both families this week and the other parent returns the favor next week.

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I made a private Facebook group just for you where you can connect with other single moms. Join us in Empowered Single Mom Tribe here.

When life is too much to handle it helps to know that there is someone you can turn to who can handle it.  Consistent spiritual practice keeps you even-keeled during the storms of life.

  1.  Try Christian centering prayer, listening to God, instead of talking
  2. Meditate this app is great for beginners
  3. Pray
  4. Join a Bible study
  5. Join a church

Self Care Activities that are a Healthy Escape

  1. Read a good novel
  2. Listen to an audiobook while you walk
  3. Watch a funny or sweet movie

Express Your Creativity to Reduce Stress

  1. Paint
  2. Draw
  3. Do a craft project

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