Sharing Love and Hope | Women Shelters Before and After COVID | Claudine McDaniel

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Beyond Conquerors Inc.
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Mission: To bring love and hope to individuals who have been knocked down by life’s difficulties.

Beyond Conquerors, Inc. is a ministry that strives to empower and encourage those who are knocked down by life’s difficulties of any kind so that they can get back up and chase after their dreams. Our primary goal is to reach and help as many people as we can that have been knocked down by life’s difficulties. We focus especially on women who are facing challenges in life (emotional, financial and/or medical) as a result of surviving domestic violence, abuse, stalking, human trafficking, divorce, homelessness, medical issues and/or severe financial distress within the United States. In many cases, those that we will provide assistance to may be facing more than one life challenge. Our intent is to inspire and give hope to anyone who finds themselves feeling hopeless, lonely or afraid. We strive to educate women in need through books, messages, articles, teachings, conferences and events and support them by obtaining the resources they require to be successful and establish achievable goals. With our education, we expect to instill confidence and self-esteem by demonstrating to them that they are strong and filled with talent.
We also desire to help women in need in Africa to obtain employment. We work in underserved areas by helping those who have the desire to work but do not have the opportunity to do so. Our objective is to help the needy develop job skills to enable them to achieve gainful employment.


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