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Should Happy Warriors Buy Bitcoin?

So what is Bitcoin, really? To understand that, we need to understand a soft, silvery substance that is more important than you’d think, even though you see it every day. Some politicians reassure people by saying, “America’s best years are still ahead”. To know if they are telling the truth or gulling voters you should know something about a soft, silvery substance that your rabbi tells you all about in this show. Do you know what has happened to the cost of your electricity lately? Do you know why? This show will tell you some of the unexpected side effects. Do you know why Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and other Internet giants house their colossal computers in a small town in central Washington State, miles from anywhere? Do some of my topics turn off women listeners of this show? The country, Iceland, has a smaller population than the Nevada town of Henderson, yet it dominates the world in two important industries. The reason why early in his presidency in 1933, Roosevelt seized all the gold held by American citizens. How invisible people steal money from you. Do you trust cryptocurrencies? Help shape an accurate worldview for yourself with this

Remember that whatever storms swirl turbulently around the foundations of your life, just focus on your 5Fs. Here’s the blueprint that explains how your finances are tied to your family, and how your fitness is linked to your faith and social life. Be a happy warrior.


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