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Single Mom Self Care Package Ideas


Single moms struggle to have time and energy for self-care. It seems to be one of the first things to go when life gets overwhelming. However, taking care of yourself is one of the most important things to do so that you have the energy to take care of your family.

Here are the best ideas to put together your own DIY self-care package or choose one of the done-for-you self-care boxes I scoured the world wide web to find for you.


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DIY Single Mom Self Care Kit Ideas

If you want to make up your own self-care kit get a cute container and fill it with some of these fun ideas.

Fun Travel Mug

Single Parents are often stressed for time and being able to have a cup of coffee while dropping off the children or driving to work is perfect.


Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a good reminder to take time to relax.


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Most single moms have precious little time to sit and read, but when she is in the car or doing things around the house it is a great opportunity to also do something enjoyable like listen to a great book.

Inspiring Journal

Single moms often don’t have someone to share the highlights of their day with. A journal is a great way to process thoughts and feelings or just document where you are in life, so that you can look back at it later.


Get a journal here


You can do this by making a meal for her. Get her this Food in a Flash system and choose a meal to make from the list or get her a gift certificate to her favorite local restaurant.

Cooling Weighted Blanket

These are fantastic for the single mom who is feeling a little anxious. It is like a comforting hug at the end of a rough day. Or she can put it on her bed at night and it will calm her worries all night.

One of the complaints about regular weighted blankets is that they feel to hot. This cooling weighted blanket takes care of that problem.

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Basket, Bag, or Box

You can put the items together in a gift bag, box or cute basket. Here is an adorable option if you want to put everything in a basket.

Best Self-Care Package Gift Ideas

Do you want to buy a self-care basket that is already put together for you? I found some fantastic options for you. These are especially wonderful if you will be sending your care package to a mom who doesn’t live close to you.

Extra Cozy Hygge Gift Set

This care package has a journal, scented soap, a candle, and a cozy pair of socks. You can even choose the kind of soap you want.


Order your Extra Cozy Hygge Gift Set here

Spa Box

Everything you need to have a spa night at home. Any single mom will feel pampered after using the extra special gifts in the self-care box.

Buy a Spa Box here

Anxiety Self Care Box

This is a perfect choice to encourage relaxation and mental health.

Get your Anxiety Self Care Kit here>>>

Therabox Self Care

Box includes a research inspired therapeutic activity to wire her brain for more joy plus 7 treats to pamper her mind, body, and soul. This kit inspires self-love & happiness through therapist curated products that reduce stress & enhance your life.


Get your Therabox here>>>

Healthy Snack Box

Snacks for a busy day are such a thoughtful gift and even better when they are healthy snacks.

Order the Healthy Snack Box Here>>>

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