You are currently viewing southwest florida train wreck of opioid abuse, sex trafficking, homelessness

southwest florida train wreck of opioid abuse, sex trafficking, homelessness


Ramona D. Miller

Ramona D. Miller

I read, like other Floridians, that the senatorial candidate in South Carolina, raised a stunning record breaking $57 million in the final quarter of fundraising. That’s an insane amount of money to spend on advertising, signs and tee shirts. Money talks apparently. This year, I’ve invited all our Congressional and state office campaigns and media to join me in the trenchers. No one replied to my multiple requests.

Did you know that campaigns can donate excess funds to create Political Action Committees or better yet, nonprofit charities of their choice? I have just the needed cause and with just an investment of 1%, we all can change lives.

I’m going to raise the “pro-life” argument. If we are truly a nation that values all lives —we are letting vulnerable Americans die, fail and be victimized. We are standing still, not seeing their needs.

The remaining fencing is installed around Centennial Park on Thursday leaving the remaining homeless population in limbo.

I want to show you the inside look from the trenchers of human trafficking. We need to break-up this monopoly of a crime on our youngest adult lives. You can’t even touch the problem of human trafficking — without a realization of the problem — the deep-rooted problem including the addiction of opioids. And, this train wreck leads to homelessness.

For me, it’s been my reality for decades. Every hour, I see and hear from victims. Some have been murdered, others have disappeared and, in some manner, each of their lives were stolen. I’ve work in the trenches. Human trafficking and more occurs. Seeing young teenagers stuck in the trenchers—always makes me wonder—how does someone so young carry such a heavy burden? I have seen it all. Money. Deaths. Coverups. Brokers. Lies. Old data. Zero accountability. The list goes on and on.


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