Sports Philanthropy WORLD-Panel 1–Charting Your Course

Panel 1-Charting Your Course: Setting Your Organization’s Agenda

Overview: How do you establish the direction of your organization? What is your organization’s mission? What are the best short, medium and long term strategies for achieving your goal? What types of professional services and support do you need to launch your organization? For existing organizations, how can you fine tune your direction and ensure that you are fully compliant with all state and federal fundraising regulations?

Moderator: Tiffany Aidoo, New Orleans Program Officer, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA, New Orleans, LA


David Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer, U Sports, Toronto, Canada (Canadian college sports governing body)

Darrin Gray, Chief Marketing Officer, Athletes in Action, Indianapolis, IN

Bernell Hooker, Founder, IOU Sports, Owner, Milwaukee Aces, Milwaukee, WI

Eric Shainock, Co-founder, Philanthropy Playmakers, Chicago, IL


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