State standardizes protocols to help child sex trafficking victims | News

The state has standardized some of its protocols when it comes to helping victims of child sex trafficking.

The Children’s Advocacy Center signed its new protocols Thursday. 

The staff emphasize the process isn’t new, but these unite law enforcement and care providers to protect victims and track down the traffickers.

The Care Coordination Team has been working on these protocols with Governor Abbott’s office for nine months. 

For the Children’s Advocacy Center, it’s a chance to step up and lead.

“This is just going to be an addition to these sex traffic victims’ youth that we have — they do come, and we do have them here in the city — and we needed to be able to provide them more assistance other than what we do as an MDT — a multidisciplinary team,” said Derek Donner with the CAC.

Lubbock is one of eight advocacy centers to have adopted the protocols thus far, and the only one in this region.

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