Statement: Canada's shelters for women and children

My statement in the House recognizing the dedication of those serving in Canada’s shelters for women and children:

Violence against women and children is recognized nationally & internationally as a significant barrier to gender equality and to women’s human rights and fundamental freedoms. I wish today to recognize the dedication of those serving in Canada’s shelters for women and children.
In 2017, Alberta shelters provided refuge and support for over ten thousand women and children fleeing violence. A key barrier to effective action against domestic violence has been failed coordination and consistent responses by community, police and government services.
I was honoured last month to attend the launch of a positive new initiative for the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters targeting this very problem. The program, jointly financed by the federal and provincial governments, brings together RCMP, police, the shelters, government agencies and community services to offer more coherent, coordinated and longer term supports to respond to and hopefully prevent domestic violence.
This evidence based program is women centered, addresses gender inequalities, holds perpetrators accountable, enables better collaboration, ensures healing for violence related trauma and better serves the diversity of communities needing support and escape from violence.
I invite all MPs to join me in saluting Shelters Canada who have come together this week in Ottawa.


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