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Stronger than the Storm with Kenneth Monarrez

What if someone told you that you had six months to live?

What if someone told you that the marathon you were about to run would be your last?

Would you agree? Would you listen?

When I sat down with multiple time cancer survivor, marathon runner, and father of 2 Kenneth Monarrez to hear his response; I was absolutely blown away.

From beating cancer multiple times, running marathons through multiple rounds of treatments, spotting cancer in his father before it became deadly, and going through more personal hardship than I have ever heard in one person; one thing stayed consistent.

His sense of focus, gratitude, understanding of his why, and belief in a higher purpose.

Throughout his battle, the smallest things became the biggest things.

Focusing on what he could control and having the simple gratitude of being able to hold his son. The simple ability to be able to run.

I’m honored to consider him a friend and this story will have you really rethinking what hardship actually means.

It also goes to show you that no matter what you are going through, there is always a choice.

The choice you make when tragedy comes knocking. The choice you make when someone tells you there is no hope left. The choice you make when nobody else believes but you.

When life get’s hard, and believe me at some point it will get hard; one thing is for certain.

Your identity has to be stronger than your circumstances.

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