Successful Philanthropy – Brock Pierce

Produced and Hosted by Jean Shafiroff
Guest: Brock Pierce, Independent Candidate for the President of the United States

Discussion includes politics as a public service, being a good person makes a good president, leadership skills, integrity, speaking the truth. Other topics include crypto-currency, bitcoin, digital

“Successful Philanthropy” was inspired by Host Jean Shafiroff’s book ‘Successful Philanthropy: How To Make A Life By What You Give.’ Each episode highlights a philanthropic leader and a charity. But most importantly it showcases how viewers can get involved by donating time–the most valuable resource. It’s a fast, fun and vital half hour with artists, CEOs, celebrities and anyone else who wants to make a difference. And it highlights Jean’s desire to turn anyone into a philanthropist.
Tune in and join the movement.

Filmed at LTV on September 5, 2020


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