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SUNDAY SERMON: Horrible Things Happen When You Love the Wrong Man

This week’s #Sunday #Sermon addresses the impact on a woman’s life when choosing a #man. Who you are dating, living with, who you love and who you marry are key – and loving the wrong #man will bring you down. It is my personal belief that the most important decision a woman will ever make in her life is who she decides to partner with. This one decision can bring her life overwhelming joy and happiness, or take her straight down to the depths of agony and despair.

Choosing a partner from one’s first boyfriend to a husband to a father for your children are decisions which must be made with careful consideration, as this one decision is of the utmost importance. Your decision transcends education, socio-economic status, looks, and many of the other social criteria that women use to choose a mate. We’re going to discuss why a different approach to establishing selection criteria, screening and vetting, an eye for red flags and understanding what early behaviors indicate about a man’s character is of utmost importance.

What makes a guy a great choice for a mate or someone to be avoided is the subject of this week’s #Relationships Sunday #Sermon with advice columnist Deborrah Cooper. Please join us!

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