Suzie Brown – Over And Done at Candlelight Concerts for Epilepsy Awareness

On Friday November 30th, Suzie Brown joined us for a night at Candlelight Concerts for Epilepsy Awareness. She performed in Pennington NJ, opening for Catie Curtis to help spread the facts and awareness about epilepsy. The full house in NJ were treated to an amazing night of music.

This is a version of her song, Over And Done, featuring Scot Sax. For more on Suzie, visit

Epilepsy affects people of all shapes and sizes – any race at any age can develop epilepsy. In fact, the statistic is that 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime. Very little is known to the general public and a negative stigma persists. Please go to your local Epilepsy Foundation to learn more. And visit our website for more info about epilepsy and upcoming performers in this charity series at


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