A group aiming to reduce human trafficking through education has approached Wichita County for help in attaining funding. “You’ve seen the effect of this in the news recently,” Vicky Payne of Southern Grit Advocacy told county commissioners Monday. She was referring to a high-profile incident of suspected human trafficking inContinue Reading

The funding aims to support and to decrease the risks for individuals who are particularly vulnerable to sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, including young women. Anne-Marie Roy, director general of Alliance-Jeunesse Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, said that individuals willingly or unwillingly working in the sex industry can benefit from these supports more thanContinue Reading

In a year where domestic violence rates and deaths have spiked dramatically, a nonprofit that supports abuse survivors has found a way to find housing for women and children fleeing danger. A $1 million grant to the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence will go beyond just housing. It will give survivorsContinue Reading