[ad_1] CHRONICLE: The fight to stop human trafficking Updated: 8:22 PM CST Feb 4, 2021 Hide Transcript Show Transcript ♪ >> OMAHA’S NEWS LEADER, CHRONICLING THE STORIES OF PEOPLE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY. THIS IS KETV NEWSWATCH 7’S “CHRONICLE.” ROB: GOOD MORNING. 11,500 — THAT’S HOW MANY HUMANContinue Reading

[ad_1] COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – One Colorado-based organization wants to teach every trucker in the United States how to identify and report signs of human trafficking. Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) says it has trained more than one million truckers across the country since the organization was founded in 2009.Continue Reading

[ad_1] A group aiming to reduce human trafficking through education has approached Wichita County for help in attaining funding. “You’ve seen the effect of this in the news recently,” Vicky Payne of Southern Grit Advocacy told county commissioners Monday. She was referring to a high-profile incident of suspected human traffickingContinue Reading