Human trafficking – sex trafficking – is happening in Wyoming, and it’s very unidentified here. That’s according to Terri Markham, co-founder and executive director of Uprising, a non-profit organization based in Sheridan County that’s committed to raising awareness about sex trafficking in the state. Speaking at this week’s meeting ofContinue Reading

The college football championship game is coming to South Florida, and the event is already paying dividends.  The College Football Playoff Association donated a million dollars, Miami-Dade Public Schools matched that amount, and the money is being used to transform 16 middle school libraries into high-tech, state of the artContinue Reading

Photo: Shutterstock Last summer, reporter Max Mitchell penned a four-part series examining the rise of civil litigation being brought on behalf of sex trafficking victims across the country and the attendant risks posed to both the plaintiffs in these cases and the lawyers representing them. Last week, the series won firstContinue Reading