[ad_1] Canada/IBNS: Canadian provinces and cities including Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Hamilton, and Fredericton, experiencing frigid temperatures are being provided with an essential lifeline right now by the Housing First program in providing safe permanent housing to homeless people, without preconditions, addiction, and mental health challenges, media reports said.Continue Reading

[ad_1] Law enforcement and those who work with teens are fearful the COVID-19 pandemic has left more young people vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation or human trafficking. Human trafficking is when a person uses force, fraud or coercion to compel another person into providing labor, services, or commercial sexual actsContinue Reading

[ad_1] January 29, 2021 Eight candidates in the heavily crowded race for New York City mayor traded views this week on the critical issues facing the nation’s largest school system, from pandemic-driven learning loss to desegregation. The forum, presented by Advocates for Children, which works to advance the interests ofContinue Reading