I have been asked this a handful of times. The immediate things that come to mind are the little flutters, especially when I first started feeling them. Like a little bird’s wing inside me. They gave me pure joy. He’s really in there. But more-so I think my true favoriteContinue Reading

Newswise — During a massive statewide crackdown on human trafficking last month, Anjali Kanwar and several of her classmates at Case Western Reserve University played critical roles that didn’t make the national headlines. While law-enforcement agencies rounded up alleged human traffickers as part of the sweep, called “Operation Autumn Hope,”Continue Reading

Continued from a story in our November issue “I was driving down the street and I saw a woman walking with no shoes. I approached her, using the shoes as a hook to engage conversation: ‘Do you need anything? We have shoes, we have food, we have condoms…’ We gotContinue Reading