[ad_1] Canada/IBNS: Canadian provinces and cities including Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Hamilton, and Fredericton, experiencing frigid temperatures are being provided with an essential lifeline right now by the Housing First program in providing safe permanent housing to homeless people, without preconditions, addiction, and mental health challenges, media reports said.Continue Reading

[ad_1] A shopper walks past a homeless person lying on the sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles on May 8. Photo: David McNew/Stringer. Homeless Deaths in Los Angeles Rose by More than 30% in 2020 It’s hardly news anymore that last year was the deadliest for Los Angeles County’s unhoused population. AsContinue Reading

[ad_1] Liverpool Council has approved the continuation of measures that have seen hundreds of homeless families rehoused since the start of the pandemic. The council’s cabinet approved the extension of special rules allowing those in temporary accommodation to be rehoused more quickly. Under the scheme, the “choice-based lettings” service normallyContinue Reading