[ad_1] Canada/IBNS: Canadian provinces and cities including Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Hamilton, and Fredericton, experiencing frigid temperatures are being provided with an essential lifeline right now by the Housing First program in providing safe permanent housing to homeless people, without preconditions, addiction, and mental health challenges, media reports said.Continue Reading

[ad_1] The Port of Palm Beach has announced a new partnership with the nonprofit organization Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) to train employees on human trafficking prevention in observance of Human Trafficking Awareness Month. This new training program will help employees learn the indicators of human trafficking at seaportsContinue Reading

[ad_1] A large trailer sits in a parking lot behind the Mount Royal Metro station. It’s bright and colourful, adding life to a parking lot that is otherwise washed out with snow and construction. Large letters are written on its side: “Wapikoni: First Nations travelling audiovisual and creation studio.” WapikoniContinue Reading