The letter calls on public figures and outlets to condemn disinformation spread by the conspiracy theory Photo by Andrew Howard | The State Press Pedestrians walk past the ASU Barbara Barrett and Sandra Day O’Connor Washington Center, in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019. By Kevin Pirehpour | 10/23/2020Continue Reading

Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri has not embraced QAnon, but is claiming that her Democratic opponent has displayed “a disturbing pattern of putting sex offenders over our safety.” (Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call via AP Images) Thank you for signing up. For more from The Nation, check out ourContinue Reading

The McCain Institute has joined with more than 75 other organizations nationwide that work to combat human trafficking in signing a letter decrying misinformation spread by the QAnon conspiracy theory.  The letter, released Wednesday, says falsehoods about Democratic politicians are being spread, in part, to influence the November general election. That is an assertion Cindy McCain, the wife of theContinue Reading

Any Iowan interested in fighting the scourge of sex trafficking and restoring the lives and dignity of survivors should find it easy to condemn the despicable “QAnon” conspiracy theory that claims Donald Trump was recruited by U.S. military leaders to run for president so he could go to war against a “deep state” childContinue Reading

Insider analysed hundreds of thousands of tweets to better understand how QAnon themes have circulated within conservative social-media circles. Republican Party leaders started tweeting about child sex trafficking more regularly after QAnon emerged. Tweets related to the far-right conspiracy theory increased after Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and during House Democrats’ impeachmentContinue Reading

Carter Quinley has worked in Southeast Asia on anti-trafficking initiatives for over a decade and serves as a board member at The Freedom Story. In an unprecedented move, this week YouTube and Facebook took a hardline stance against far-right conspiracy QAnon by committing to remove any group, page, or Instagram account openly identifying with the harmful movement.Continue Reading