Despite a glaring sun and often oppressive humidity last week, one corner of Jackson was full of energy and high spirits as crews with the charity organization Eight Days of Hope worked to build the city’s newest shelter for sex trafficking victims. At an undisclosed address, a crew of aboutContinue Reading

The leader of a Philippines-based church was charged with having sex with women and underage girls who faced threats of abuse and “eternal damnation” unless they catered to the self-proclaimed “son of God,” federal prosecutors announced Thursday. Apollo Carreon Quiboloy and two of his top administrators are among nine peopleContinue Reading

BAKERSFIELD — Over the course of two years, police across California investigated seemingly unrelated crimes and disappearances: teens from the Bay Area who’d allegedly been abused by their pimp and “branded” with tattoos. A woman from the Central Valley whose 3-month-old baby was kidnapped to force her into sex work.Continue Reading

After organizing to repeal the “walking while trans” ban, advocates in the state—and around the country—are looking ahead to the next fight. Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill that repeals a decades-old statute that advocates say disproportionately targeted trans people who are simply walking or standingContinue Reading

A pair of men are in custody after a human trafficking sting last week in south Montgomery County that reportedly freed four, including a minor, from “sex slavery.” Joshua Albert Regalado, 29, of Richmond, and Jamin Renfroe, 45, of Cordova, Tenn., are charged with promotion of prostitution, a third-degree felony.Continue Reading