Target carries Sanctuary Project jewelry made by trafficking survivors


Human trafficking survivor Holly Christine Hayes has built Sanctuary Project jewelry to help other women who have been trafficked.

Almost 20 years ago, Holly Christine Hayes sat on a bathroom floor in Boston and cried like she had never cried before. She cried out for God to help her, to provide her a sanctuary from the life that she was in.

Today, Hayes is providing that sanctuary for women like herself, women who need a chance to rebuild their lives, a chance that she was given through a job shining shoes.

In a two-story white house on East Cesar Chavez Street, the 12 women employed by Sanctuary Project are creating and marketing jewelry that symbolizes things that provide sanctuary: branches, church windows, marble pillars.

The business itself is a sanctuary: giving women their first job after being sexually trafficked, which Hayes defines as being made to perform a commercial sex act by force, fraud or coercion.


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