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The Alt Tour | We Phoned Lachlan Morton Midway Through | The BikeRadar Podcast

Lachlan Morton of EF Education-Nippo is currently riding the entirety of the 2021 Tour de France route unsupported.

You have probably seen Lachlan take on the challenges of the alternative race calendar devised by the EF Education-Nippo team , including GB Duro, Unbound, Leadville 100, Three Peaks Cyclocross and Badlands.

Dubbed the Alt Tour, and inspired by the earliest editions of the race that saw riders complete the Tour without the army of support that now accompanies the event, Morton set off on Saturday 26 June and aims to beat the peloton to Paris.

Already a frankly ridiculous goal, the Australian hasn’t made it any easier for himself. As well as riding the 21 stages, he will be riding the transfers between stages too, which will regularly add 100km to each day, while the final transfer to Paris is 700km.

George Scott, BikeRadar’s Editor, caught up with him half way through this incredible ride.

00:00 Intro
00:27 What is The Alt Tour?
01:21 World Bicycle Relief
01:45 Can you tell us where you’re speaking from Lachlan?
02:10 Numbers from the ride so far
02:52 How are you feeling?
03:14 The sandals
03:54 How did things changes in the high mountains?
05:15 Double accent of Mount Ventoux
06:26 What’s been the biggest challenge so far?
08:02 Race strategy
09:07 What next on the ride are you most anxious about?
10:37 Support out on the road
11:36 Is this the biggest challenge to date?
12:33 Bikepacking setup
14:16 How much does the bike weigh?
14:52 What are you eating and drinking?
15:32 What’s the first thing to do when you get to Paris?
16:28 Thanks Lachlan!

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