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The Charities Buying Up Sudanese Slaves

On The Slave Trail (1999): Slavery in Sudan is condemning thousands to a life in bondage.

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Out of the bush emerge a line of 328 ragged Dinka men, women and children. They walk in silence behind their master – a northern Sudanese slave trader. Slavery here is a tool of war. Raiders from the Islamic north come to raze the villages of the Christian south, from where the SPLA guerrillas mount their counter attacks. Into the equation have arrived Western NGOs. One of the most controversial is Christian Solidarity. Under the gaze of the slaves, CSI’s John Eibner hands over £10,000 for their freedom. Once the transaction is complete the freed slaves break into applause. The pressure to end the abhorrent practice is driving more charities to buy slaves freedom, but intervening may well be perpetuating the trade.

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