The Chat 012 – Alasdair Bennett, Bethany Christian Trust – Testimony, Faith and Community

Alasdair Bennett, CEO of Bethany Christian Trust talks testimony, faith, and community with Charles Maasz. Alasdair discloses personal aspects of what drives and inspires him and has led to his powerful ministry as head of Bethany Christian Trust.

The Chat is a series of podcasts from the team at Glasgow City Mission, the archetype and original model from which all subsequent City Missions drew their shape and inspiration. The Chat is hosted by Charles Maasz, CEO at Glasgow City Mission and is intended as a resource and a point of connection for anybody interested in the work that goes on at Glasgow City Mission. Our aim is to speak to people who’s passion, vocation, career, faith-journey or life aligns with an aspect of the work and the rhythm of what we do. Many will have a faith-perspective, some will not.

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