You are currently viewing The FULL Pork Pie Hat (ARMS Concert 1983) Jeff Beck

The FULL Pork Pie Hat (ARMS Concert 1983) Jeff Beck

In case you thought it was just an intro opening for “Led Boots”, it wasn’t. The entirety of Charles Mingus’ “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” was played from start to finish by Jeff Beck at the Royal Albert Hall. And it was omitted from the video for whatever reason. The audio is preserved here by graces of Westwood One Radio Network which broadcast I had first recorded off a stereo receiver on Type IV metal in late ‘83. When the Beta video arrived at my video rental shop, I was disheartened. Not because of omission, but because it was the best version of that song I’d heard. And it wasn’t included. There is no extant video for the audio, so I’ve supplied a crappily-edited poor resolution tossed salad of clips from the official video, not because it appears respectable but because it may help the listener relate to the moment (without feeling blind) and relish a rare, abandoned & entertaining sound from Jeff. So, it’s not supposed to be synced well. I’ve only so much time to throw shit together and this fucking took 6 hours for various reasons. Cheers.


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