The global elites’ attempt to subvert our democracy is in plain view

There has been a lot of discussion about global organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and World Health Organization (WHO) recently. It’s clear that both organizations have had an impact on Canadians – whether it’s how our governments handled the pandemic by taking the advice of the Chinese-influenced WHO or the latest radical climate schemes being promoted in Davos which are now forced upon Canadians.

While there are legitimate concerns about these organizations and their impact on Canadian society, these concerns are often dismissed as “conspiracy theories” by the legacy media and ruling elites.

On the premiere episode of the Rupa Subramanya Show, Rupa takes an in-depth look at the WEF and WHO with thenFounder and President of the Brownstone Institute, Jeffrey A. Tucker. Rupa believes that the global elites’ attempt to subvert Canadian democracy is fully on and in plain view, but it’s up to our elected leaders to work in Canada’s interests.


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