The Invisible People: Aya’s Story | Unreported World Shorts | Channel 4

Five-year-old Aya has Spina Bifida. With a long winter ahead, Aya will struggle to survive.
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Unreported World Shorts offer bite-sized views of the lives of people in some of the fastest-changing areas of the world. Hard hitting stats and deeply personal stories allow viewers to get to the heart of the issues.

More about this video:
Her condition is fragile, but as a refugee in Lebanon, only emergency care is available, and Aya doesn’t qualify.
This video supports a 30-minute documentary, The Invisible People, in which reporter Giles Duley and producer David Fuller visit Tripoli, Lebanon, to reveal the plight of the most vulnerable refugees fleeing the war in Syria: disabled people, many of whom are children and who are struggling to get the medical care and assistance they need.


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