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The Invisible People – Marrakech [Desert House]

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The Invisible People – Searching For Depth EP
An excellent desert house debut EP by The Invisible People. Marrakech is out now on Medicine.

1. Marrakech
2. Tangier
3. Safari
4. Migrant
5. Casablanca

The debut ep Searching for Depth by The Invisible People, conjures the landscape and emotions of his Homeland, Morocco, a meting pot of cultures where Europe meets North Africa and the Atlas mountains reach for the sky. Searching for Depth explores the rich sounds, where Arabic and Spanish worlds collide in modern form. Starting with Marrakech, a deep journey featuring polyrhythmic textures and live instrumentation and beckoning vocal textures. Tangier starts off softly before erupting with a subtle but infectious deep bass groove, light encompassing flutes and airy percussive elements. Safari is an adventure in sound with its hushed vocal pallet pulling you in, tied under layers of lush soundscapes and tricky organic beat arrangements. Migrant is one of those creeper type of songs that slowly grabs onto you and before you know it you are pulled in wondering how you got there. This song also shows off some of the diverse production skills the artist has gained over the years with its infectious deep 808 breakdown where the modern and the ancient combine in perfect harmony. Casablanca pays homage to the the artists roots with its layers of sounds cleverly arranged to create a story of old born again.

The Invisible People is the brainchild of San Francisco based artist Adam Ohana aka An-ten-nae, with well over 100 releases under his belt and collaborations far and wide. His most recent album charted in the iTunes Top 10 and was featured on Huffington Post and Billboard. This new project pays homage to his migrant roots. Born in New York from Migrant Parents from Casablanca, Morocco. Now living in San Francisco and an integral part of the music scene for over a decade, running one of the largest clubs in the western hemisphere, and playing over 100 shows a year under various guises from Coachella to the renowned Red Rocks.


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