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The Invisible People

Squatlife an arts and heritage project, curated by St Albans Arts Team, explored the issues surrounding homelessness from the 12th century through to the present day.

Inspired by the 1980s Squat photos of Dave Kotula; people and volunteers from across the community, including those that have experienced homelessness, have worked together using the creative arts to contrast historical experiences with those of the present day homeless.

During the project participants expressed a desire to leave a legacy that gave voice to their experiences set alongside contact details of relevant support agencies – a postcard to those that might find themselves in a similar situation.

We approached Trestle Arts Base and VIDEOfeet to produce this response, utilising the words of currently homeless St Albans residents. The resulting film offers a humanising glimpse of varied and individual stories that will resonate far beyond the district.

Squatlife was funded by the National Lottery and awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Watch the Squatlife video here:

There are several charities working hard to support homeless people in the St Albans district. You can help support these vital services by fundraising, volunteering or simply make a donation by clicking on the links below:


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