The Invisible War on Despots (Part 3.2) | Interactive Global Church Experience | Wed 17 Mar 2021

We’re about to answer this question: what is controlling my behaviour? Why am I feeling these emotions – of anger, sorrow or jealousy – when I shouldn’t be? Why do I keep trying to prove myself? Why am I struggling with having faith? All this and much MUCH more.

Watch Part 3.1 Here:

In this Broadcast:
You’ll learn what is this ‘root of bitterness’ that defiles us and literally determines our behaviours and life. Get ready for the restoration of your soul as you tune into this powerful broadcast.

In this Series:
Apostle Dr Siva Moodley teaches you what despotism is. This impacts your destiny, a major impact on who you are and how you respond to things in your life. Understand how to deal with the despots in your life and be set free.

You will learn:
– What are Despots?
– How to Identify the despots that are effecting areas in your life.

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