The Key to Solving Homelessness | Mathieu Fleury | TEDxOttawa

The power of a key to unlock the potential for a modern solution to the homelessness challenge. Hear about a vision with a key as the solution. A key that is affordable and positive for vulnerable residents. Follow Mathieu on Twitter @MathieuFleury Mathieu was born and raised in Ottawa. In University he studied Human Kinetics, getting a Masters from the University of Ottawa with a diverse background in sports policy, project management, and health promotion. He was recently elected to his my third term as City Councillor for the best community in our City – Rideau-Vanier. In his role, he actively represents three distinct communities: Lowertown, Sandy Hill, and Vanier. In his 9th year on City Council, each year, Mathieu has sat on Community and Protective Services Committee which deals with the City’s housing and homelessness issues. As Chair of the Board for Ottawa Community Housing and Councillor for a Ward affected by homelessness, housing is top of mind for Mathieu. OCH is the City’s largest landlord with more than 15 000 units which have become a true mix of the diversity that we find in Ottawa today. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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