The only formal shelter for homeless adults in Windhoek

Being homeless is tough. Without a job, or a place to stay and no family to support you, you can quickly find yourself destitute, with no way out. The adults who roam the streets of Windhoek at night will tell you similar stories. Some will tell you that they turned to prostitution to make ends meet. Others became drug addicts to try and cope with life on the street. Even some whom you encounter, have obvious mental or physical disabilities. 

What makes matters worse is that there seems to be very little to no help for homeless adults in Windhoek, no matter how touching their stories might be. Concerned citizens, mostly from churches, reach out to the homeless and the Dutch Reformed Church in particular, hosts regular soup kitchens and assists those living with disabilities to make contact with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Yet, the plight of the homeless remains largely neglected. 

With us in studio is Pastor Thijs van der Merwe from the Dutch Reformed Church Mother Congregation to tell us about the plight of the homeless.


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