The Perfect Biopolymer: An Interview with Akira Science on Biodegradable 3D Printable Polymers

I had a lot of fun chatting with this international group of young entrepreneurs out of KTH from Akira Science ( @akirascience) in Sweden. We started the conversation on how the members of the team met. Then we moved onto the biopolymers the team is working on and commercializing, including why it is important to have controllable biodegradable biocompatible and 3D printable materials. We also touched upon the potential killer applications using the Akira biopolymer, including creating a scaffold for breast cancer lobectomy patients and wound healing. We also talked about the unique innovation and entrepreneurial environment in Sweden. You can find additional resources here:

Website link:

About Our Guests:

Tiziana Fuoco: Chief Operating Officer
Astrid Ahlinder: Product Manager
Álvaro Morales López: Marketing Manager


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