You are currently viewing The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Full AudioBook.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Full AudioBook.

Preface 00 – Preface – 00:00:00
Chapter 01 – The Right To Be Rich – 00:02:23
Chapter 02 – There is A Science of Getting Rich – 00:07:38
Chapter 03 – Is Opportunity Monopolized? – 00:13:40
Chapter 04 – The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich – 00:20:30
Chapter 05 – Increasing Life – 00:30:09
Chapter 06 – How Riches Come to You – 00:39:41
Chapter 07 – Gratitude – 00:48:14
Chapter 08 – Thinking in the Certain Way – 00:54:35
Chapter 09 – How to Use the Will – 01:01:57
Chapter 10 – Further Use of the Will – 01:09:43
Chapter 11 – Acting in the Certain Way – 01:18:17
Chapter 12 – Efficient Action – 01:27:04
Chapter 13 – Getting into the Right Business – 01:34:31
Chapter 14 – The Impression of Increase – 01:41:05
Chapter 15 – The Advancing Man – 01:47:48
Chapter 16 – Some Cautions, and Concluding Observations – 01:54:28
Chapter 17 – Summary of the Science of Getting Rich – 02:02:00

The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by the New Thought Movement writer Wallace D. Wattles and published in 1910 by the Elizabeth Towne Company. The book is still in print. According to USA Today, the text is “divided into 17 short, straight-to-the-point chapters that explain how to overcome mental barriers, and how creation, rather than competition, is the hidden key to wealth attraction.”

The Science of Getting Rich was credited by Rhonda Byrne as one of the inspirations for her popular 2006 film and 2007 book The Secret. As Byrne explained it on the web site of Oprah Winfrey, “Something inside of me had me turn the pages one by one, and I can still remember my tears hitting the pages as I was reading it. […] It gave me a glimpse of The Secret. It was like a flame inside of my heart. And with every day since, it’s just become a raging fire of wanting to share all of this with the world.”

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