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The story behind the Ms. Veteran America 2020


Mary Ann Hotaling, winner of the Ms Veteran America 2020

“And the winner is…”

Those are the words the 25 finalists in the Ms. Veteran America Competition had worked so hard over the past year to finally hear. Many of them wondered if all the efforts of fundraising, physical conditioning and speaking engagements had been enough to make them this year’s winner.

But make no mistake, in the hearts and minds of the many people who were watching the “virtual event,” they were already winners.

But what exactly is the Ms. Veteran America competition? To answer that, we have to circle back to a nonprofit organization called Final Salute, Inc. Final Salute was founded in 2010 by Maj. Jaspen “Jas” Boothe, a disabled U.S. Army veteran and cancer survivor who had served for 17 years.


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