The United Family launches human trafficking sticker campaign


The United Family recently joined with Lubbock organizations to launch a human trafficking awareness sticker campaign.

One Voice Home, Voice of Hope and Open Door in Lubbock are outreach organizations that work with survivors of sex trafficking and sexual assault.

In a press conference last week, representatives from the United Family as well as the three Lubbock organizations described the sticker campaign as a way to spread awareness of human trafficking that has affected the area.

The stickers will go up in every United location, including its supermarkets, express stores and fuel kiosks.

The top of the sticker is red and reads, “Are you safe? Need reform?” Below that is the number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline (888-3737-888) where victims can call for help. They can also text “HELP” to 233733 (BeFree).

“Human trafficking is a horrible reality that happens every day around the world as well as right here in our backyard,” said Tony Crumpton, CMO of the United Family. “The stickers are just a small example of something we can do to help. We are proud to join with these organizations to do our part in raising awareness.”

This is the latest endeavor United has taken on to help fight human trafficking. Last year, the supermarket giant implemented its own branch of Truckers Against Trafficking where United truckers were taught the signs of human trafficking, who to call in case a situation arises and ways to help when out on the road.

January is human trafficking awareness month. The stickers will be placed in United store bathrooms as well as around gas pumps and other areas of high foot traffic at each location.

More information on the fight against human trafficking can be found at

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