The Untold Truth Of Melinda Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates hardly needs an introduction. But the tech giant’s wife – who helped create the world’s largest charitable organization – is equally impressive. From a middle class childhood to a multi-billion-dollar fortune, this is the untold truth of one of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women, Melinda Gates.

Melinda Gates was a curious child who was raised in Dallas, Texas. As one of four children, she always loved math. But it was at the all-girls school, Ursuline Academy, that her love for technology really began to grow. All thanks to the Apple II and Apple III computers her father bought for the family. But to afford those luxuries, Gates told Fortune that she and the rest of the family spent many weekends earning the money, explaining,

“That meant scrubbing floors and cleaning ovens and mowing the lawns.”

Gates’ computer teacher once said of her pupil, “[Melinda was] a well-rounded student who joined the drill team and helped other students learn programming. […] [She] was one of the best students I ever had.” Gates went on to become valedictorian of her class, which got her into Duke University.

Watch this video to learn even more of the untold truth of Melinda Gates.

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Born overachiever: | 00:00
Her first love: | 01:04
A major setback: | 01:50
How they met: | 02:53
Baller billionaires: | 03:54
Bill takes second place: | 04:53
Trendsetter: | 06:07
Fighting for change: | 07:04
A-list friends: | 08:03
Typical day: | 09:24
Honorable works: | 10:29
Banking those bucks: | 11:14

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