Tim Dillon Apologizes To Bill & Melinda Gates | Best Podcast Moments From Last Weeks Comedy Ep. 9

Tim Dillon give an apology statement to his new sponsor “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” plus more of last weeks best comedy podcast moments.

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00:00 – Tim Dillon apologizes to Bill & Melinda Gates.
02:13 – Joe List roasts Mark Normand for having a tutor.
02:49 – Chris Distefano & Theo Von give Brendan Schaub’s CTE credit for his comedy career.
04:22 – Tim on the pharmaceutical cocktails Americans are prescribed.
03:49 – Theo finds the genetic recipe for Michael Jackson.
04:15 – Mark discovers bottomless coffee to be a lie.
05:04 – Andrew Shultz Bhad Bhabie jokes.
05:51 – Tom Segura asks Chris if he did steroids as a kid.
06:21 – Chrissy D’s first day as a physical therapist.
07:51 – Bobby Lee’s ex girlfriend.

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