Tips for YouTube with Dave Adamson

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We’re chatting with Dave Adamson (@aussiedave), an experienced online pastor who has worked with Andy Stanley since 2013. He’s sharing his top tips for engaging your church community on YouTube. There is a lot we can learn from YouTubers today regardless of our skills or budget. Reaching our online communities is easier than you think and we’re so grateful that Dave is sharing his wisdom with us!

Bonus- check out some of the links below for the exact gear I use:

How I record podcast interviews with studio-quality audio/video
How I Livestream and add logos/text/comments on screen
Church website company that will build your website for you for free!
The camera I use:
The lens you need for it:
My podcast mic:
Podcast mic arm:
My travelling podcast mic:
Tripod I like, tall enough to stand and talk:
My softbox lights:
My LED coloured lights:
My favourite EDC (every day carry):
What makes my office smell and look so good:


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