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Toho HS Green Band – 2016 Green Band Festival Benefit Concert

From Nagoya, Japan
Toho High School Wind Ensemble (T.W.E.) Honor Green Band performing at their annual Green Band Festival on Sunday, January 3rd 2016. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the children of the victims of the recent San Bernardino terrorist shootings.

About the Green Band Association:
The Green Band Association was organized to perform charity concerts worldwide, with the proceeds donated to benefit environmental causes, including victims of natural disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, etc. Most of the concerts are performed by Japanese high school and college students with around 1500 students since 1998 having performed in concerts, most of which have been in the United States.

This year’s band is from Nagoya, the third most populous city in Japan. The Toho High School Wind Ensemble (T.W.E.) Honor Green band is comprised mostly current students, with a number of alumni who are returning to join the band for its performances at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Bandfest, Rose Parade and tonight’s benefit concert.

The director of Toho High School Wind Ensemble is Mr. Mineto Shiraya and Mr. Tatsuya Furuno. The superintendent os Mt. Naoki Sakaki and the principal is Mr. Yasuhiro Sasaki.

A neat highlight about the benefit concert is when the students get up to go thank their host families. 30:10

If anyone can help me identify some of the music performed (look below), I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Enjoy the show.

00:15 –
03:38 –
06:12 – El Cumbanchero
10:12 – The Star-Spangled Banner
13:56 – Carpenters Forever
20:25 – It Don’t Mean A Thing
25:26 – El Cumbanchero
29:05 – A Whole New World
49:46 – Star Wars Saga
59:52 – The Stars and Stripes Forever
1:04:23 – Applause
1:06:24 – Drum Cadence
1:07:15 –
1:09:45 – Fireball
1:12:57 – El Cumbanchero
1:15:36 – Final Remarks


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