Traffick Jam to educate on human trafficking


Tina Browning wants the community to see the signs and be aware of how the vulnerable can become victims in the human trafficking market that comes through the Coastal Empire.

“With the Georgia Ports expansion, this is bringing in more of our international trade,” said Browning, treasurer of the Savannah Interagency Diversity Council ( and marketing chair of the Savannah Traffick Jam conference.

Organizers of the Savannah Traffick Jam say the January workshops will give the public tools to spot the signs of human trafficking in a range of situations and give them the confidence to know who to call.

“They (traffickers) come primarily through transit, the airlines, Chatham County transit, and our ports. This is a lot of where our trafficking comes in, and it’s not just about sex trafficking but labor trafficking,” she said.

“Now they found a way to get into the schools by putting signs outside our schools. ‘Students need work, $14.99 an hour.’ Mom doesn’t agree with that and they (students) go alone (for a meeting) and we don’t see them for three years.”


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