Transvestites will be persecuting Christian charities and businesses

Ronan (birth name) Oger, likes to call himself “Morgane” discusses with the CBC enforcement of Bill C-16, the new law that adds transvestitism and gender confusion to Canada’s human code and federal hate crimes statute.

Ronan ran for the provincial NDP in British Columbia’s 2017 in the Vancouver-False Creek riding. Bill Whatcott was concerned Ronan would actually win the Vancouver-False Creek seat and use his political power to impose his transvestite political agenda on the people of BC, so he put out 1500 flyers warning people that God did not want them to vote for a man in a dress. Bill Whatcott also gave accurate information of the downside of the transvestite lifestyle. You can see the flyer here:

Now Ronan is prosecuting Bill Whatcott through a BC Human Rights Tribunal complaint.


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